Volkswagen Electric Cars in South Canterbury

Volkswagen E-Mobility

The all-new electric and PHEV vehicle ranges, arriving from 2023.

With the world seeking to be more environmentally friendly, people are making a shift to cleaner, greener options including in the vehicles they drive. With the pinch at the petrol pump taking full hold, low and zero emission vehicles are more desirable than ever and initiatives such as the Clean Car Programme has meant that EV and PHEV sales have taken off.

Volkswagen have long been known for quality, originality, and performance. With the transition to the new brand design, they are dedicated to continuing a legacy of innovation while committing to a greener future, delivering mobility for everyone around the world while also minimising the impact on the environment.

Volkswagen Electric Cars in New Zealand

Electric for everyone.

In 2021 Volkswagen launched their ‘Way to Zero’ vision. A roadmap for climate-neutral mobility that includes an aim to cut CO2 emissions by 2030 in Europe by an average of 17 tonnes per vehicle and become completely carbon neutral by 2050. On a local front we want Kiwis to have access to emission-free transport by 2025, which means making EVs affordable and practical for everyone.

Below we showcase the new era of fully-electric and plug-in hybrid options coming soon from Volkswagen. Be sure to register your interest to stay up to date with the latest news and arrival dates.

Images are overseas models. New Zealand spec may vary.

The Volkswagen ID. Family

Our pure electric ID. range marks the start of a new era of electric mobility: intelligent, innovative and sustainable. And above all: made for everyone.