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On Road Costs

All non-sale new vehicle pricing is ‘MRP’ (Maximum Retail Price) and excludes on-road costs unless stated as ‘driveaway’. On-road costs for new petrol vehicles is $900 which includes GST, 12 months registration, 3 years WOF, floor mats, professional groom, and pre-delivery inspection. On-road costs for new diesel vehicles is $1,200 which includes the above plus the first 3,000km Road Users Charges.


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Finance Terms, Conditions, Fees

Finance available through our dealership is subject to terms, conditions, fees, and lending criteria. When not otherwise mentioned on our website or advertising, these are available free of charge from our team.

We have a number of loan providers available to us. For information, terms, conditions, and fees, please visit the following links:

UDC Finance

Finance through UDC is subject to lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees. Follow the below links for details or speak to our in-house team for full details and advice.

Volkswagen Finance

Finance through Volkswagen Finance and European Financial Services is subject to lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees. Follow the below links for details or speak to our in-house team for full details and advice.

Heartland Bank

Finance through Heartland Bank is subject to lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees. Follow the below links for details or speak to our in-house team for full details and advice.

Nissan Finance

Information regarding Nissan Finance and their products and services – including fees, terms, and more – can be found here.