Volkswagen features

Volkswagen features You’ll Love

While Volkswagen’s latest models boast impressive features, there are several classic Volkswagen features that are sure to win you over. Here are underrated features of Volkswagen vehicles that you’ll surely appreciate.

Window convenience

This Volkswagen feature allows you to remotely control the opening and closing of your car’s windows using your key fob. To activate this function, navigate to Car > Settings Opening/Closing > Convenience opening on your dashboard and select “All windows.”

Once set up, you can easily close or open your windows and lock or unlock your car by pressing the lock button for three seconds. If you accidentally leave a window open, you can quickly close it without turning on the car. On a hot day, you can also roll down all the windows before getting in the car to release hot air.

Heated side mirrors

Wet or frozen side mirrors are unpleasant for everyone. However, heated side mirrors stay clearer in cold and rainy weather which serves as a significant safety feature, as you’ll have better visibility of your surroundings.

Ensure the mirror control button is always pointing down towards the heating icon. Then, the sensors will register when it is raining and will heat your wing mirrors to keep them clear.

Heated side mirrors
Volkswagen Safety feature

Auto lock exterior

With this special feature, you can lock your doors from the outside only, allowing you to feel safer. This function can be set up by going into Car > Vehicle settings > Opening & Closing then choose the “Autolocking option”.

Once this is set up, after you’ve started the vehicle and driven off the doors will automatically lock above 5 mph. The doors remain unlocked until an interior door handle is pulled open.

Park assist

The park assist is an advanced technology that can automatically park your car in both parallel and reverse 90-degree parking scenarios. While some individuals may consider this feature superfluous, others may find it extremely useful in saving time and avoiding the embarrassment of repeated parallel parking attempts. The most recent iteration of park assist, available on many new Volkswagen models, is highly intuitive and precise, quickly becoming a familiar and reliable tool for drivers.

“Park Assist sits well with the Volkswagen badge given that the company has always been focused on making personal mobility more accessible. These days there’s a focus on increased personal safety to accompany that mobility.” –

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