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    Nissan X-Trail’s Awards & Reviews

    Following our article on the Qashqai’s awards, we thought we’d continue the theme with a summary of the Nissan X-Trail’s many awards, along with a few review highlights from both overseas and here in New Zealand.

    The Nissan X-Trail is worthy of being on the pointy end of any car buyer’s shortlist, which we’re confident you’ll see from the five awards below!

    The summary:

    • New Zealand Autocar Magazine’s Best Family Car of 2022
    • Drive.com.au Best Medium SUV 2023
    • World Women’s Large SUV of the Year Winner 2022
    • WhatCar? Tow Car of the Year Winner 2023
    • 4×4 Magazine’s Overall Best 4×4 of the Year 2023

    Please do note that these awards are based on overseas models, where specifications and price will vary. We encourage you to do your research and speak to our team if you’d like any assistance, particularly with regards to New Zealand-spec vehicles.

    Representing three of the world’s top vehicle brands, Autoworld Timaru’s vehicle professionals have a diverse range of knowledge and experience to help you find the best vehicle to suit your needs.

    X-Trail Family Car of the Year

    Family Car of the Year 2022

    We were delighted to hear that New Zealand Autocar Magazine named the Nissan X-Trail ‘Family Car of the Year 2022’ right here in New Zealand.

    “The X-Trail is one of those SUVs that does everything quite well, and nothing much annoys. Even the automatic wipers coped perfectly with the recent inclement weather. It’s getting up there on price, while having to pay a feebate is a bugger. But it’s refined, safe, practical and easy to live with, which is what you’d want in this sort of vehicle.”

    Read the full review on New Zealand Autocar Magazine

    Qashqai and X-Trail Drive SUV Awards

    Drive’s Best Medium SUV 2023

    Our friends in Australia declared the Nissan X-Trail to be the Best Medium SUV in their Car of the Year 2023 awards, with the Nissan Qashqai taking the Best Small SUV of the Year award and the new Nissan Z taking the award for Best Sports Coupé!

    “The sum of the X-Trail’s parts added up to a cohesive whole. A thoroughly modern medium SUV with plenty of space for families inside, decent fuel economy, excellent safety credentials, and a simple drivability and comfort on the road that’s hard not to be impressed by. And that’s why the Nissan X-Trail is the Drive Car of the Year Best Medium SUV.” – Drive.com.au

    Read the full article on Drive.com.au

    X-Trail Women's Car of the Year

    World Women’s Best Large SUV 2023

    The jury of the Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) 2023 has awarded Nissan X-Trail the title of Best Large SUV 2023 for its thirteenth edition.

    WWCOTY, the only international award made up exclusively of women automotive journalists, praised the new X-Trail for its spaciousness, effortless driving performance and electrified powertrain, e-POWER.

    “The X-Trail is our family SUV icon, with a heritage of over 20 years. It has remained true to its original recipe: robust SUV looks, advanced and efficient all-wheel drive powertrains and flexible practicality, which come together to enable family adventures.”

    Read the full article on Nissan News

    X-Trail Tow Car of the Year

    Tow Car of the Year 2023

    What Car? in the UK say “If you’re looking for a great tow car that will also be enjoyable to drive solo, you need one of our 2023 Tow Car Awards winners.” And we’re delighted that they’ve named the Nissan X-Trail Tow Car of the Year 2023 in their highly contested 1,700-1,899 kg category.

    “Sometimes, it pays to be different, with the Nissan X-Trail’s highly unusual hybrid set-up helping to turn it into a very capable tow car … Hill starts proved easy, as they should be in a 4×4. The electronic parking brake released cleanly and the X-Trail pulled over the hill without fuss.”

    Read the full article on What Car?

    X-Trail 4x4 of the Year

    4×4 Magazine’s 4×4 of the Year 2023

    The team at 4×4 Magazine know a thing or two about what makes a good 4×4, which is why we’re especially delighted that they named the Nissan X-Trail – not just Best Medium SUV – but best overall 4×4 of the Year 2023!

    Alan Kidd, Editor of 4X4 Magazine commented: “You can get blasé about new vehicles when you’re bombarded with them week in, week out. But the upside of that is that when something really knocks our socks off, we know it must be special. And that’s exactly what the new X-Trail has done.

    “It’s capable, classy, entertaining and, with its seven-seat layout, hugely practical. Whether you want it for work or play, it’s right there, right on the money. A good SUV is meant to be good at everything: the new X-Trail is great at everything, and it’s a great SUV.

    “We love that Nissan hasn’t abandoned off-roading, too. For all the X-Trail’s slick looks, classy cabin, and high-tech electrified powertrain, it’s still capable of finding grip on rough ground and low-traction surfaces.”

    Read the full article at Nissan News UK

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    Please note that imagery and specifications may be of overseas vehicles and include optional extras. 

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