Volkswagen ID.4

Ten smart features on the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV you may not know about

Here are ten innovative features in the Volkswagen ID.4 specifically crafted to enhance your driving experience, making it effortless and enjoyable.

White Volkswagen Golf GTI with Oettinger Body Kit parked in a warehouse.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Oettinger Body Kit

Discover the Oettinger body kit, made-to-measure for the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Grey Volkswagen SUV parked in front of a garage with two children playing with a soccer ball next to it.

Quick Guide to Safety Features

We dive deep into some of the most common safety features available on vehicles and explain what they do. Learn more here.

Two Volkswagen Grand California Campervans on grassy mountaintop.

Volkswagen Grand California Arriving Soon

The Volkswagen Grand California – VW’s first fully-equipped, luxury campervan-will be gracing our showroom soon. Read more about why it’s the perfect vehicle for a New Zealand roadie.

Kia Picanto Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Explained.

Learn more about all that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have to offer, and what Volkswagens, Kias, and Nissans offer this connectivity.