Five Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Ute

Choosing the perfect ute can be challenging. Here are five essential tips to help you select the best ute to suit your needs.

Volkswagen ID.5

Five Tips to Maximise Range for ID. Electric Models

Discover how to maximise your EV’s electric range with these five tips and get the best performance out of your vehicle.

Clean Car Programme

On 13th June 2021 the New Zealand Government announced their Clean Car Package Read on to find out more about the new scheme.

Volkswagen Passat parked at the bottom of a snow field with a man walking towards it with skis.

Roof Rack Buyers Guide- Winter Edition

Find the perfect roof rack for your winter adventure with our roof rack buyers guide.

Young woman with her hand and head out of a moving car window driving down a mountain road.

How To Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip

If you’re planning on a summer roadie this year, make sure your vehicle is ready for the long haul with a few of our top tips.

Silver Amarok ute with neon bikes on back in a forest.

The Difference Between 4WD and AWD

Confused about choosing between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive? Read on to learn more and discover what works best for your lifestyle.

Grey Volkswagen SUV parked in front of a garage with two children playing with a soccer ball next to it.

Quick Guide to Safety Features

We dive deep into some of the most common safety features available on vehicles and explain what they do. Learn more here.

White Nissan LEAF electric vehicle driving on a seashore road.

What is Range Anxiety and How Can I Reduce It?

Range anxiety is a real worry for electric vehicle drivers, concerned about hitting empty before reaching the next charge station. We offer a few top tips to help reduce this anxiety and keep your vehicle’s range up while on the road.

Man with clipboard explaining vehicle service to woman in a yellow sweater.

A Guide to ‘Dealer Speak’

Read our guide to ‘dealer speak’, where we decipher all the oft-used words in the car industry and help you understand what they mean.

Silver Volkswagen e-Golf plugged into wall charger.

Are You Considering an EV? 

We were asked about the boot capacity on the Volkswagen T-Cross. A good question given this relatively young vehicle segment. So we put this guide together and snapped a few photos.