Blue Volkswagen Caddy Cargo backed into a warehouse, picking up boxes.

Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle leasing provides a great financial option to businesses, and we’re happy to offer many options. Whether you’re a sole trader or large corporation, leasing offers more financial freedom than loaning or purchasing outright. Instead of locking up working capital in depreciating assets or dealing with the headache of maintenance and repairs on an older fleet, leasing allows you and your team an easy way to manage cash flow and drive reliable, new vehicles.

Our team is ready to help assist you in finding the best options and competitive lease deals to suit your needs.

Why lease?

  • No down payment
  • Lower monthly payments than lending or purchasing outright
  • Payments may be tax-deductible business costs
  • Stress-free maintenance and repairs, depending on your lease package
  • Fixed monthly costs, meaning easier budgeting
Nissan Navara ute driving through a muddy and dusty paddock.

Current Lease Offers

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