Volkswagen e-Golf

EV hatchback.

Please Note…

The Volkswagen e-Golf is no longer available to purchase as a new vehicle. Speak to our team for used opportunities, or watch this space for news of the exciting new ID range!

The Volkswagen e-Golf features the same polished interior and sporty exterior you love but is 100% electric. The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger, a domestic friendly plug socket that will recharge the e-Golf overnight which is the most commonly used method of recharging. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the ever-growing fast stations which provide an 80% battery charge in just over 30 minutes.

The exterior features LED lights, blue design elements, and 16″ aerodynamic alloy wheels. Minimising the carbon footprint of the e-Golf is key, so no design element went unturned in its creation. With two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions, and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf traveled from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa with no troubles. At 220km, that’s an impressive distance to an electric vehicle.

If you’re ready for the green amenities that an electric vehicle provides but don’t want your car to look eco-friendly, then the Volkswagen e-Golf is for you.

  • AMI NZ Autocar Electric Car of the Year 2018

“The e-Golf impressed us as a discreet EV package, looking like any other Golf as opposed to a visual oddity. It is one of the least expensive new EVs and comes comprehensively specified. Its range is sufficient and drives much like a regular Golf, but with more oomph around town, and it’s so quiet and refined.”

– Judging Panel, AMI NZ Autocar Car of the Year Awards