Caddy California

Volkswagen Caddy California

Small in size. Big on adventure.

Meet the youngest member of the California family, the new Caddy California. Turn every day into an adventure with the versatility of a family 5-seater van that transforms into a compact weekend campervan.

Switch from one mode to the other in a matter of moments with the folding rear bed and easily stowable table and chairs. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and freedom for the modern adventurer. The only challenge is figuring out where to go.

The ultimate travel companion

In the new Caddy California, you can enjoy a truly cosy atmosphere during a stopover or at your destination: easily fitted curtains protect against unwanted glances from outside and dimmable lights in the interior create an even cosier atmosphere.

Optional pull-out kitchen

For those wanting extra home comforts and more freedom during trips away, the optional mini kitchen impresses. You’ve got everything you need to prepare your daily fest with a 3-burner gas cooker, lightweight sink, bench space and storage for your kitchen essentials.*

Feel at home anywhere

With everything the Caddy  California has on offer, it won’t even feel like you’ve left home. From performance to extra storage, it includes the essentials for any kind of drive.