Blue Volkswagen Tiguan parked on a street.

What’s New in the Volkswagen Tiguan?

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is here with some exciting updates. This SUV has long reigned king in the Volkswagen SUV world, so we’re certain the subtle exterior changes and exciting new upgrades on the interior will leave fan swooning. Check out below to see what’s new on the facelift.

New Look. 

The Tiguan’s redesign is thoughtful and reinventing, mostly changing the front-end. With new c-vents, badging, and bumper, you’ll be turning heads on every street.

Volkswagen Tiguan interior

New on the Inside.

Fit everything in with 615L of luggage capacity, plus a roomy interior. Road trips are now a breeze and you don’t have to say no to the kids’ friends and the dog.

The 10.25″ Active Info Display ‘Pro’ features App-Connect and allows for quick access to supported apps, like Google Maps and Spotify.

Light of Your Life.

Set the mood with 30 different colour options to illuminate the interior of your SUV.* Choose from exciting pre-set looks or create your own.

The impressive IQ.LIGHT (LED matrix headlights) comes standard on the Tiguan 4WD R-Line. These lights can adapt their intensity and range per each LED segment and change to accommodate traffic and driving conditions. This means you won’t blind oncoming traffic, but will still be able to see the perfectly illuminated road.

*Ambient lighting standard from 2WD R-Line. 

Blue Volkswagen Tiguan SUV with a closeup on the headlights.

Safety First.

Safety features that help take the monotony out of driving help keep you refreshed and ready for any journey. The new Tiguan offers Travel Assist, which helps to keep you in-lane, maintain your speed, and monitor the distance of the traffic in front of you.*

The Front and Side Assist is another feature that allows for a safer journey. The Side Assist uses an LED signal on your exterior mirror to warn of a vehicle in your blindspot, avoiding collision. The Front Assist can help prevent an accident altogether by detecting pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warning the driver. If the driver does not react in time, the system can initiate emergency braking.*

*Within the limits of the system. The driver must e ready at all times to override the assist system and is not relieved of his responsibility to drive the car carefully.

With some exciting upgrades and a new look to make your head turn, the new Volkswagen Tiguan is worth a test drive. Get in touch with our team to book yours today.

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