Three people sitting inside of a new Volkswagen Caddy, drinking coffee and smiling.

Almost Here: Fifth Generation Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is releasing a fifth-generation iteration of the beloved people-mover, and it’s never been more reliable, comfortable, or practical. With an updated, modern look and plenty of new safety features and upgraded entertainment systems, the new Caddy is perfect for road trips, shopping excursions, and everyday life adventures.

The fifth-generation will feature at least three variations for the new Caddy – the Caddy, Caddy Cargo, and Caddy California.

Young family pushing a stroller on the beach next to a silver Volkswagen Caddy.

New Caddy

Your new generation people mover.

The all‑new Caddy is new and improved, and we think you’ll hardly recognise it. You may not have thought a people mover could scream “cool”, but with the new look and features, you might just catch the word escaping from your mouth. A host of smart Driver Assistance systems and a game-changing infotainment system just might warrant a second look.

Interior of a Volkswagen Caddy filled with household items, with woman folding over the seat to make more boot space.

Insides matter.

Flexibility and comfort were at the forefront of the new Caddy design, so features like the adjustable ergoComfort seats – perfect for back support – were essential. The electric power closing for the sliding doors and boot lid get you back on the road faster.

Woman in pink sweater touching the entertainment screen on her Volkswagen Caddy.

Digital benchmark.

It’s command central in the cockpit! The 10-inch infotainment display controls navigation, multimedia, and air conditioning and the app connect feature keeps you connected and entertained. Keep those eyes on the road.

Stuffed dinosaur kids toy against a Volkswagen Caddy panoramic sunroof,

Brighten up your drive

Let the sun in with the optional panoramic tilting sunroof. You can also customise your Caddy with optional features like LED headlights, taillight clusters, and interior lighting.

New Caddy Cargo

Ready for the job.

The all‑new Caddy Cargo is confident, capable, and loaded with innovative features. With new Driver Assist systems, state-of-the-art infotainment, and an ergonomic driver’s workstation, the Caddy is your perfect business partner.

Man and woman in work gear getting electrical equipment out of a Volkswagen Caddy van in an alley.

Get things done.

Prepared for the long haul, the new Caddy Cargo provides flexible load compartment fuses and separate locks for safety. Your gear will be safe inside with solid steel doors that slide to prevent slamming, as well as strengthened floor coverings, just in case.

Woman in teal polo shirt grabbing work gear from the inside of her Volkswagen Caddy Cargo van.

Space to work smarter.

The Caddy’s clever storage system makes finding what you need a breeze. Longer trips don’t feel so long anymore with the new, super comfortable ergoComfort seats.

Blue Volkswagen Caddy California parked on a cliffside with tent out the back and lawn chairs inside. Two women walk down cliff with beach accessories.

New Caddy California

Freedom to roam.

Brand new to the Volkswagen family, the Caddy California is ready for adventure. Volkswagen is no stranger to campervans, so the Caddy California is a natural choice if you’re looking for something that offers a comfortable place to sleep, a high-quality Digital Cockpit, and modern driver assistance systems. Van life is here, are you ready for it?

Young woman wearing pink sits inside Volkswagen Caddy California with twinkle lights and looks out the window.

A good night’s sleep. 

Relax under the stars in your portable bed. The folding bed is supported on the vehicle body so it’s a breeze to pack up and down, allowing you plenty of storage space beneath.

A grey tent is attached to a Volkswagen Caddy California and a girl sits at a table covered in a blanket.

A guest room.

A free-standing tent* can be attached to the boot of the Caddy California, creating enough room for two to sleep comfortably. Or, set up your folding table and chairs underneath to avoid the sun, rain, or bugs.

*Primary tent not included in MRP. Tents will be available for purchase 2022.

With further specification details and pricing yet to be announced, we will let you know new information as we hear it. We invite you to register your interest, here.

Want to be one of the first to know when the new Caddy lands in our showroom? Register your interest here.

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