Kia Niro on the road

The Kia Niro: Crafted with sustainable materials inspired by nature

The new Kia Niro is fun to drive, sustainable, and crafted with materials that are inspired by nature – perfectly embodying Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy. 

Sustainability inside the Kia Niro

Take not only a step inside, but a step forward towards a more sustainable future. Eco-friendly materials have been used throughout the interior of the Niro, with many design choices taking inspiration from nature to create a calming ambience, as well as deliver a smaller environmental impact. The headlining of the Niro is crafted from 56% recycled paper fibres, whilst the seats are made out of artificial bio-leather, which is created by mixing the vegetable components of eucalyptus trees and combining them with PU artificial leather.

Niro interior dashboard and drivers seat
Kia Niro boot space size

Eco-friendly exterior

The paint used on both the door trim and exterior body of the Niro does not contain BTX (benzene, toluene, and xylene), which are three major carcinogens. Finally, the fabric used for the cargo screen is made from a recycled PET plastic, which is not only a sustainable choice but also weight 2.1kg less than your traditional cargo screen.

The new Niro is an eco-friendly car that contains these sincere and sustainable ideas. Accordingly, Kia developed the interior and exterior colors and materials of the new Niro in consideration of Kia’s sustainable direction from various angles.

HEV, PHEV, and EV drivetrains

The all-new Niro is available as a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), and an Electric Vehicle (EV), and all models include a complimentary 7 year/160,000km High Voltage Battery Warranty, 5 year Mechanical Warranty, and 5 years’ Roadside Assistance*

Kia Niro side view

Kia x Ocean Clean up

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