Kia EV5 concept

Swivel Seats, Solar Power Sunroof, and Star Gazing – Here’s What We Know About the Kia EV5 Concept

Hot off the back of unveiling the EV9, Kia has just released concept photos of their new EV5. Similar in size to the Kia Sportage, it gives the New Zealand market an idea of what to expect if the Sportage expands into the electric vehicle market.

Unveiled to the Chinese market today, Kia isn’t giving away too much just yet about the latest extension to their EV range. However, concept photos give us an insight into what the vehicle might look like, whilst also highlighting Kia’s new design DNA and their philosophy of “Opposites United.”

Kia EV5 concept rear

Embodying Kia’s Design Philosophy

The Kia EV5 was designed to create a unique SUV to support those pursuing a ‘borderless life’ where there is no boundary between their enjoyment and appreciation of nature and city. Clearly exuding a progressive look from all angles, the new form of Digital Tiger Face projects cleanness, dignity, strength, and robustness in equal measure while paying subtle homage to the iconic Kia Tiger Nose Grille.

A boxy side profile is complemented with simple, sleek lines and a floating roof that sweeps down from the front windscreen, similar to its larger EV9 sibling. Integrated into this new design is Kia’s Star Map signature lighting technology, introducing the concept of a constellation connecting stars to a clean face.

Striking 21-inch wheels give the EV5 a powerful stance, amplified by a patchwork finish inspired by a rich, formidable hue found in nature – Iceberg matte green.

“The Kia Concept EV5 takes influence from the contrast and complementarity of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. It is designed to inspire our customers on every journey, while providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. Created for those who seek inventive new ideas, the SUV brings together emotional form language with innovative, user-focused interior architecture.” 

Kia EV5 concept side view

Swivel seats and uninterrupted views

The EV5 is the perfect symbiosis of intuitive technological features and elements inspired by nature. Designers have equipped the SUV with features that provide occupants with greater freedom to interact and appreciate the great outdoors. Kia’s design philosophy of ‘Opposites United’ and pillar ‘Bold for Nature have also been key influencing factors.

The flat floor and generous space in the cabin create a ‘space of coexistence’, where nature, people, and technology come together. The innovative swivel seats enable occupants to sit in tranquillity and appreciate uninterrupted views of the scenery. As darkness falls, the wide full-length panoramic sunroof (also acting as solar panels) provides the perfect opportunity for passengers to enjoy the stars.

Kia EV5 concept

Sustainability in the EV5

A wide range of sustainable materials have been used throughout the concept EV5, including plant-based materials like seaweed extract and upcycled PET bottles on the seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner, setting new standards of sustainability.

Is the EV5 coming to the New Zealand market?

At the time of writing, the EV5 is being released to the Chinese market later this year. Details and further specifications for other global markets will be made in due course.

Kia EV5 concept vehicle

Experience a Kia electric vehicle today

Whilst the EV5 may still be a distant concept on the EV horizon, the Kia EV9 and EV6 have been confirmed for the New Zealand market – with the EV6 available to purchase right now.

View the Kia EV6 >
View the Kia EV6 GT >
View the Kia EV9 >

Make an enquiry with our team for more information.

Please note that international concept imagery is shown, this model has not been confirmed for the New Zealand market yet.

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