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    We’re proud to represent Kia in our region of New Zealand. Kia vehicles have often topped world-renowned studies for dependability and overall vehicle quality, and our Kia owners are a testament to the enjoyment that comes with owning a new Kia vehicle. Kia has a wide range of vehicles from compact cars, SUVs, and people-movers. The range also includes electric vehicles of either 100% EV or plug-in hybrid.

    Our customers regularly join us on our social media channels to comment on how much they enjoy their new car, and also to congratulate other new owners on joining the Kia family!

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    Kia Awards

    We’re immensely proud that Kia topped the J.D. Power Quality Study in 2019. An impressive achievement in itself, yet shadowed by the fact that this was Kia’s fifth consecutive year at number one. View Kia’s press release.

    Other recent awards include: